Colour Care

As L`Oreal Professionnel is renowned as
an expert in colour, there is no surprise
that everything we know about colour
goes into our colour haircare ranges.
Serie expert benefits from similar advanced
care technology found in our professional
colourants, making it the perfect complement
to a professional colour service. Our colour
care range is specifically designed to protect
your colour investment and prolong your
colour radiance.

colour radiance protection for coloured hair


shampoo    250ml

Shade insurance starts with this creamy-light shampoo that uses
Incell Hydro-Resist* double-locking technology. The protecting shampoo,
specifically designed for coloured hair, prolongs colour radiance intensity
with a lightweight film that repels water, helping to protect colour and enhance shine.
*(When used in conjunction with the VITAMINO COLOR conditioner and/or masque)



conditioner   150ml

 This colour-radiance protecting conditioner enriched with Incell Hydro-Resistdouble-locking technology seals the hair fibre to help keep colour in and water
out. The more regularly you condition, the softer and radiant your coloured hair




brighten and replenish blonde hair

shampoo    250ml

Bring back the colour clarity of blonde hair with this brightening shampoo.
Enriched with Ceraflash technology, its violet micro-pigments helps neutralize
unwanted yellow tones, while anti-hard water agents remove any impurities.
Protect against brassiness. Brightness is restored.



conditioner   150ml

The nourishing gleam-inducing conditioner features Ceraflash technology.
Enriched with soft violet colour pigments and ceramides, it helps counteract
brassy tones, while leaving hair soft and supple. Blonde is back. Illuminated.
Refreshed. Revived.





clarity and shine for white and gray hair


shampoo  250ml

Showcase the beauty of grey hair with this colour clarifying shampoo.
The Gloss Protect System, enriched with amino acids and anti-yellowing
agents, counteracts unwanted brassy tones.



Repair Care

Whether you`ve overused your styling tools,
let environmental aggressors such as sun
exposure, pollution and air conditioning
damage your hair or simply neglected your
locks, there is a tailor-made solution to your
problem. Serie expert`s repair care range
has nourishing and protecting properties
to give dry, damaged or sensitized hair the
care it needs, helping your hair look as
good as new.

reinforcement for weak, brittle hair


shampoo    250ml

This breakage-defence shampoo features
Glycocell technology,designed to deliver
a super charge of Incell. Combined with
Royal Jelly extract, the formula nourishes
and fortifies, while leaving the hair beautifully supple and smooth.
Looking revived and more resilient.

masque  200ml

Protect and amplify the reinforcing effects of force
vector shampoo with this breakage-defence masque.
Enriched with Glycocell, afusion of Incell and Royal Jelly
extract, it envelopes ea
ch fibre, sealing in the ingredients post-wash, leaving hair
feeling more resilient and stronger, while creating new found softness and shine.


Texture Care

Textured hair gets the attention and care it needs
with the serie expert texture range. Whether you`re
looking for volume, smoothness and control, density
or definition, the nourishing ingredients and high-tech
technologies within serie expert help you enhance the
look and feel of your locks.

volume for fine hair


shampoo   250ml

Volumising starts with this lightweight, body-boosting shampoo.
Containing Mineral CA, which is derived from calcium, the formula
attaches itself to the hair`s surface to create an invisible support network.
Hair is boosted and appears volumised.

conditioner   150ml

Fain, delicate hair loves to grab a piece of this conditioner`s plumping
action. Containing Nutritex and wheat proteins, it reinforces the cuticle
and helps retain moisture for sumptuous softness and shine.

In Salon Treatments

To showcase its technical expertise, serie expert has condensed
all of its haircare know-how and advanced technology into six
in salon hair programmes. Your hairdresser will be able to selecta
tailor-made in salon treatment course exclusively for your hair
needs. Precise gestures complement the action of these treatments
and will provide optimal results for your hair.


Hair rehab starts here! FIBERCEUTIC is series
expert`s first two-step fibre-filling in salon treatment
enriched with Intra-Cylane, a water-activated molecule
that is able to deposit in the hair as evaporation takes place
and it is designed to help reinforce
the protective layer of hair.
Followed by the special sealer, hair feels softer and looks revitalized.


mmm…oisture for dry hair

shampoo  250ml

masque  200ml






nourishing oil for
all hair types





strong hold matt clay