Natura Brasil

Natura strives, through its products and services, to help people enjoy better relationships with themselves, with others, with nature and the world around them.
Natura sees its products and operations as part of a long life cycle taking responsibility for ecological impact from every touch point in supply chain; from the initial extraction of raw materials to the final disposal of products and packaging.

In 2000 Natura launched EKOS line, which is based on the sustainable use of Brazil`s biodiversity and the sharing of traditional knowledge of the indigenous people who live closest to it. Brazil has one of the planet`s largest and richest biodiversities and millions of people from the land and understand it best.
With EKOS line we were the first company in Brazil to share benefits with the communities themselves and create a partnership of sustainable growth together.
Since then, Natura has expanded this philosophy to products in  CHRONOS, MAMAE  E BEBE, and makeup lines and have made biodiversity our main platform for product innovation. In fact we have over 19 agreements with traditional communities in Brazil and Latin America which involve the sharing of genetic assets and associated traditional knowledge regarding native species. 

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