Factors responsible to make decisions about cutting your hair

Apart from the shape of your face there is one other very important factor which decides that which type of hair style will look good on your face and that is thickness and the density of your hair. Generally, the people tend to absolutely ignore this factor while the fact is that even the best suiting hair styles won’t work for you if the density of your hair is not suitable for it. Choosing the hairstyle according to the density of your hair will not only help you to look after and manage your hair easily but will give you a great hairdo as well. There are various types of hair densities namely highly dense, medium dense and very lightly dense and all are discussed in detail below-

High density hair

If your hair is highly dense then it could create a problem for your hairstyle but every problem has a solution. You can easily reduce the density of your hair with the help of techniques like slicing or cutting with razor. In case you are having curly hair you can also take the help of chemical straightening technique. It will reduce the hair density to 50%. Reduction in the density is important as otherwise it will be nearly impossible to manage new hair styles.

Medium density hair

Consider yourself lucky if you are having hair of medium density. This is because medium dense hair can be made thin with the help of razor cutting or can even made thicker in density with the help of layering. You can thus, have the best of both worlds and can experiment with a number of hairstyles.

Sparse density hair

For the sparsely dense hair there are a number of hairstyles available which look great on the people. The hairstyles which are heavier on the top and are long look very good on those people with sparse density hair. Such kind of hairstyle make the hair look thicker and the shape of the hair is maintained for long periods while making sure that it doesn’t makes you crazy on hot sunny days.
If you are thinking of a new hairstyle that could go well with the lightly dense hair of yours, you can try out wedge shaped hair styles or bob cuts as well. Both of these hairstyles modified according to your face shape will look quite well.