What you need to consider before cutting your hair

Changing your hairstyle frequently adds new dimensions to your looks. Also, especially for the girls there are number of different hairstyles to choose from. You can either cut them short, long, bob, boycut or in any other style as well. However, cutting your hair is not only about running scissors in your hair. Hair cutting is an art and more than that you must be sure about which kind of particular hair style you want. Usually what happens with girls is that they see a snappy hair style in a latest movie or a daily soap on TV and fancy themselves having the same hairstyle without even considering a bit whether that hairstyle will even look on them or not. This is why before going to a salon to get the hairstyle you are infatuated with so impulsively, you better consider some factors, out of which the most important one is discussed below:

Face shape

Your face shape is a very important factor when choosing a hairstyle for you. The common shapes of the face are oval, round, square, long etc. Not every hair style suit on every face shape. Thus, you must first carefully examine your face in a mirror and check that what kind of face shape you have and get a hair style accordingly.

Oval face shape

For the people with faces of oval shape almost all type of hairstyles suit well. Thus, if your face shape is oval then consider yourself lucky, you will be having a lot of options regarding hairstyles. You can keep your hair long, short or even bob shaped. Just avoid choosing those hairstyles in which the hang in front of your face.

Round face shape

Hairstyles with short hairlines look incredibly good on such face shapes. You must choose those hairstyles which are more in length than width. Try to avoid hairstyles with chin length bob cuts and volume adding styles.

Triangular face shape

On triangular face shaped people layered hairstyles can help a lot in maintain the balance of style on your face and it will also soften the jaw line which is prominent in this face shape.